Chuck Askew is the campus minister for Reformed University Fellowship (RUF) Chuck Askew is the campus minister for Reformed University Fellowship (RUF) at North Carolina State University. Chuck is originally from Atlanta, Georgia, but became involved with RUF in his time at the University of Florida and spent 2 years as an intern with RUF at Mississippi State. After those two years, Chuck went to Reformed Theological Seminary in Jackson to get a Masters of Divinity.  While there, he met his lovely wife Lauren, originally from Syracuse, New York, who was in the Marriage and Family Therapy program of RTS. After graduating in 2005, Chuck and Lauren moved to Conway, South Carolina to start the RUF at Coastal Carolina University.  After four years at Coastal, Chuck was called to serve as the RUF campus minister at North Carolina State University and has been here since 2009.   Lauren and Chuck have two sons, Charlie (11) and Sam (7), and a daughter, Norah (10).

Chuck's Contact Information:   

Phone: 919-559-2762  


Amy moved to Raleigh in October 2014 to begin RUF at Meredith College after three years with RUF at Samford University in Birmingham, Alabama. Prior to joining RUF in 2011, Amy spent several years teaching middle school as well as living and teaching in Uganda. She has a love for many things in life which include (but are not limited to) cooking new foods, entertaining at home with friends as well as a variety of musical and literary interests. Some of her favorite things are her dog Jasper, hiking, quirky films, and her newest obsession---Tiny Houses! She is a member of Midtown Community Church in Raleigh and is grateful for the work God has given her with the women of Meredith College. 

Amy's Contact Information: 

Phone: 205-213-4420


Lauren was born and raised in Greenville, SC and graduated from Columbia International University in 2016 with a degree in Bible and Communications. She enjoys spending time with people, going to concerts, watching/quoting The Office, traveling, and finding the best coffee shops. She has loved getting to know the students at NCSU RUF! Lauren is passionate about growing in the Lord and growing in community. She would love to hang out!

Lauren's Contact Information: 

Phone: 864-982-0479


Matt Vanderworp is a recent graduate of the University of Houston where he earned a bachelors degree in Music Education. Born and raised in Houston, TX, his love of the Lord is as big as the state itself! He was raised Catholic, but soon began a life changing journey when he decided to go to an RUF bible study his freshmen year of college. Over the next 5 years his life took a direction that eventually led him to apply for the RUF internship and enter into a life of vocational ministry. 

Matt loves Jesus, music, and team building exercises. In that order. He loves to lead worship whenever he can, and he loves to throw a frisbee or kick around a soccer ball.  He's so excited to start on his new journey at NC State and in the great state of North Carolina!

Matt's Contact Information: 

Phone: 832-764-1110