Philosophy of Ministry

Instructed and guided by this system of belief, RUF has developed a philosophy of ministry which is biblically informed and pastorally sensitive. It is consistent with the God-given role of the Church on campus to reach and equip students to love and serve Jesus Christ and his Church. Our goals are...

RUF aims to help students understand and use the means of grace which God has provided for Christian growth. This includes studying the Bible, developing a prayer life, understanding worship, and depending on the Holy Spirit in order for us to die to sin and grow in righteousness. 

RUF must proclaim the good news of Jesus Christ to the university community with the hope of reaching the world. We take seriously Christ's command to go and make disciples. So we are witnessing to the truth about God and man in the world of academic, relativistic thought, and we are depending upon the Holy Spirit to draw students to trust in Christ as Savior and serve him as King. 

Because Christians are united to Christ, they are also united to other believers. As Christians learn to participate by using their gifts and strengths, the body of Christ is built up. It also means reaching out as a loving, believing community to the university community -- demonstrating what it means to be a Christian.

Christianity is a way of seeing all of life. We believe that God is at work in the world, upholding his creation and ruling over all his creatures. His revealed truth is the integrating principle for all knowledge. This provides the Christian with a frame of reference for thinking and life-style.